If you are unable to attend the open call in NEW YORK CITY, you must make a home video with the info below to be considered for the show.


What do I need?

You will need a video camera and a friend to film you (you may also film yourself if you have a tripod or a way to set up the camera properly). Please film in a format that can be digitally uploaded, as we will need you to upload the video to or and send us the link (more info on that below). You may also send a hard copy; only a DVD, MINI DV, SD Card or WEB LINKS will be accepted (unfortunately, will NOT accept Mini DVD or VHS formats).

How long should my video be?

Your video should be up to, but no longer than 10 minutes of unedited footage. No music, no cuts, no fancy transitions – raw footage only please.

What should I wear in my video?


MAKE-UP: Please wear little to no make-up. We want to see you look as natural as possible.

HAIR: Wear your hair in a simple style; down or in a simple ponytail that can be set loose is best.

CLOTHES: Wear something that shows your figure. Jeans & tee is perfectly acceptable. We suggest that you stay away from bold patterns or stripes and solid black or white tops, as these do not look good on tape.  Please avoid logos. We also like to see a full-length 360 shot of you in a swimsuit to see your entire body (details below). 

* Please do not include any of the following in your video: music, photographs, posters, magazines, books, artwork, brand names, or logos.

How do I make my video the best quality possible?

No need to use a professional video service! Have a friend videotape you – please do not hold the camera yourself; we do not want to relive The Blair Witch Project. Make sure we can SEE and HEAR you clearly. Frame the camera from just above the top of your head to your chest.

What do I put on the video?

There is no right or wrong thing to say on your video. We want to get to know the REAL you. This is not a typical model audition.

*TIP: The camera tends to suck the energy right out of you, so keep the energy up!!


1. Please start with your name, age, height, and your representation (if you have). If we didn’t find you through an agency, how did we find you?

2. Tell us your occupation, city you currently reside and city you are originally from.

3. Are you currently a working model? What experience do you have as a model? If you are not a model, have you ever considered pursuing this? Why/why not? Is this your dream?

4. Tell us a brief story about yourself - where are you from, what was life like growing up, what do you do for a living (if not modeling)?

5. How would your friends or family describe you? What do you think people's first impressions of you are? Tell us the good and bad. Funny? Arrogant? Spontaneous? Klutzy? Nerdy? What were you like in high school? Popular? Quiet? Bullied? Troublemaker?

6. What is something that would surprise us to find out about you?

7. What are your hobbies?

8. What has been the toughest obstacle you’ve had to overcome?

9. Who are your favorite supermodels (past and present)? If you were competing on the show, which supermodel would you love to work with most?

10. What campaign would you love to work on?

11. If you won, what would you do with this opportunity?

12. Describe your look. What makes you unique?

13. What areas of modeling would you most like to improve on? What notes have you received from a auditions/agents/scouts?

14. What is your unique and personal motivation for wanting to compete on the show? Explain why you would be an excellent candidate for The Face and why you have what it takes to represent a major national brand.


1. A walk in your swimsuit. Please walk to and from the camera 2x. Please make sure to stand far enough away so that we can see your entire body in the frame for at least part of your walk.

2. Do a 360-degree turn in your swimsuit.

3. Zoom in on a close-up of your face. Please do this with your hair up and down.


1. Upload your video onto or and email us the link to your video to If your video file is too large to use this option, you may also send it to us via  Please make your video private and send us the password.

2. Include the completed and signed application in the email.

3. Please attach 5-10 photos from your portfolio (a variety) and include at least one swimsuit shot.

4. Please attach photos with no make-up. Hair up, hair down, close-up, full body and ¾ or profiles.

5. Use the subject line: Your first and last name – Audition Video & Application.



The Face Season 2 Casting
1741 Ivar Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90028 




Please note that any material submitted by you, including, but not limited to, pictures, film and video, will not be returned and will become the property of Shine America.